A young orphan named Seiya discovers he has unexplained power, drawing the attention of the enigmatic Alman Kido. Learning that he is destined to become the Pegasus Knight, Seiya is pulled into an ancient conflict between humans and gods.

EPISODE2Burn Your Cosmo

To earn the Pegasus Armor and become a Knight of the Zodiac, Seiya must endure arduous training and dangerous rivals. If he survives, the Galaxian Wars tournament awaits.

EPISODE3 Enter the Dragon

Cygnus Magnus confronts Lady Sienna, intent on killing her. As the Galaxian Wars tournament continues, Seiya must find a way to defeat his toughest challenge yet: Dragon Long.

EPISODE4Nebula Chain

The Galaxian Wars tournament resumes with Andromeda Shaun versus Unicorn Jab. Andromeda’s chains warn Seiya and the other Bronze Knights of an impending new threat.

EPISODE5The Black Knights

Phoenix Nero arrives to take the Gold Armor. If Seiya and the Bronze Knights hope to get it back, they must first face a new foe: the Black Knights.

EPISODE6Phoenix Rising

With Seiya near death, Andromeda Shaun, Cygnus Magnus, and Dragon Long attempt to retrieve the Gold Armor. But standing in their way is the malevolent Phoenix Nero.

EPISODE7The Silver Knights

Seiya awakens and learns how he survived the destruction of the volcano. He quickly discovers that Sanctuary has sent Silver Knights to kill him – the vain Lizard Misty and his old master, Eagle Marin.

EPISODE8The Rising Tide

Marin answers Seiya’s questions about Sanctuary, about Athena, and about the fate of his friends. But if he’s to learn the fate of his long-lost sister, Seiya must defeat the Silver Knights: Hound Asterion and Whale Morris.

EPISODE9To Fight for Athena

After Seiya re-unites with the other Bronze Knights, they seek out to find Sienna. But their commitment to protect her is put to the test when the Silver Knights attack.

EPISODE10The Challenge

To protect Sienna from Perseus Argol, one of the Bronze Knights must take drastic life-changing action. Seiya returns to his old childhood neighborhood only to face a surprising confrontation with the Gold Knight: Leo Aiolia.


Seiya and the Bronze Knights stand at a crossroads. Sienna debates what to do about the prophecy and her future when she is kidnapped by the forces of Vander Guraad.


To rescue Sienna, Seiya and the Bronze Knights must battle Vander Guraad’s upgraded Black Knights. But just when they think the battle is won, Guraad has one more deadly weapon ready and waiting for them.